You are only limited by the excuses that you make!

Hello Sisters, not really sure who wrote the quote that is the title of my blog tonight, but it has been in my heart all day.  For quite some time now I have been using the excuse of being a working mom for not doing the things I should.  For example I promised myself back in December of 2012 that this would be the year that I actually do a half marathon.  Well, I started off strong, but fizzled out by February of 13.  So here I am at the end of August, have not trained in months, still weigh the same and all I have is the same tired excuses.  That being said, I will not even attempt to provide one for my lack of discipline.  However, I am giving my self the grace to finish this year strong.  I have recommitted myself to starting over the last few months of this year.  I am giving myself grace and not beat myself up!

You know sometimes we set out with great intentions but do not finish strong.  One thing I want to do is to finish strong and not fizzle out in my walk with Christ.  I want to stay strong, focused and immersed in him.  We can make all kinds of excuses of why we don’t spend time in the word, or really pray like we ought.  I will no longer give my self any excuses and have been diligently for the past few months spending time praying and seeking God, so far it has been pretty consistent, but I am striving everyday to do better, to allow myself to make imperfect progress.  The benefits that I have received from spending time with my Lord far out weigh the sacrifice of time.  So ladies, stop making excuses of why you are not doing “whatever” it is.  Just begin to do it, take one day at a time and commit to pray and study in the word.  You will be amazed at the results!  Be blessed and stop making excuses!

Hello Sisters!!

Hello Sisters, this is my very first post to this blog.  If you have somehow found yourself reading this post, I am glad to have you as my guest.  I hope those of you that are reading this will take the things that I post to heart.  God has called me to share my hopes, dreams, fears and struggles with each of you.  My heart is to be authentic in what I share.  Comments are always welcomed however, this blog is not for theological disagreements and discussion.   If you do not like what I have posted feel free not to view my blog!  I totally say that in love and authenticity.

Love & Kisses